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“Thanks in large part to the ongoing media coverage we’ve received through Brener Associates, our company has gone from a virtual unknown to one of the industry’s brand leaders.”

Gary Odell, president
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In First Full Year Of Operation, Aeroseal LLC Receives Feature Coverage In More Than A Dozen High-Profile Publications, Television Shows And Internet Media Outlets

PORTLAND, OR – January 05 – Brenner Associates, the marketing agency of record for Aeroseal LLC, registered a banner year in 2012, receiving numerous accolades for the national coverage it was able to generate for aeroseal duct sealing technology. In the past twelve months alone, the game-changing duct sealing solution has been featured in a variety of toptier national press outlets including This Old House, Money Magazine, and Consumer Reports. Aeroseal has been featured in The Washington Post and other daily newspapers, industry publications such as HVACR Business magazine and ACHER (The) NEWS, and throughout a variety of Internet media and broadcast outlets.

According to Aeroseal, this coverage, along with other marketing strategies implemented by Brenner Associates, has played a significant role in helping educated consumer about the importance of duct sealing in regards to energy conservation and indoor comfort. It has also had a positive impact on the success and growth of the Aeroseal company. “In this past year, we’ve leveraged our knowledge of the HVAC industry and our relationships with the industry press to implement cost-effective marketing strategies for Aeroseal,” said Brad Brenner, principal of Brenner Associates Marketing Communications. “It’s exciting to see these efforts pay off.”

This past year, Aeroseal’s U.S. presence grew significantly, with the number of licensed Aeroseal service providers more than doubling to 150+ dealers located in 37 states throughout the country. While the majority of Aeroseal projects focused on improving residential home performance, the technology’s use in the commercial sector experienced significant gains as well, with Aeroseal being used to repair HVAC leaks in office buildings, hospitals, universities and other commercial installations.

According to Aeroseal LLC, the sole licensee of the Aeroseal technology, the increased demand for aeroseal duct sealing is due in part to marketing efforts that have created awareness for the technology and an appreciation for its capabilities. “The public is now learning that leaky ductwork can be the single most significant cause of energy-waste in homes and buildings and that the Aeroseal approach to duct sealing is often the only viable solution to the problem,” said Aeroseal’s Neal Walsh. “As energy costs increase and building codes related to duct leakage become more stringent, demand for its use will only increase as well.”

For more than ten years, Brenner Associates has been helping companies gain the visibility they need to succeed. The Portland, OR-based agency has worked with companies located throughout the U.S. to develop cost-effective strategies that create demand for products and services related to HVAC and other industries. For more information about Brenner Associates, call (503) 736-0610.


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