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Toshiba Laptop  

Case Study -- Toshiba
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Toshiba was the first company to introduce and popularize the laptop computer. Over the years however, several other companies joined the market and Toshiba found themselves losing significant market share.


Brenner Associates worked closely with Toshiba America to better understand the industry and the cause of the company's slip in the market. Market analysis clearly indicated that as the laptop industry matured, competitors positioned themselves in such a way as to leave Toshiba with little identity. Public relations research showed that while competitors were known as the "laptop company with great customer service" or the "inexpensive laptops" the Toshiba laptop brand had little if any clear identity with potential customers.


Market experts at Brenner Associates knew Toshiba needed to distinguish themselves within the industry. The positioning had to speak to a large segment of potential laptop customers. Brenner Associates recognized that there was a growing "movement" of mobile workers within the professional workforce. These were folks that spent a considerable time away from the main office. They needed the flexibility that mobile technology offered. Brenner Associates recommended a marketing campaign targeting this new mobile workforce.


The strategy was to identify with and associate Toshiba laptops with this exciting new movement. Examples of activities implemented included:

  • Develop articles by-lined by the CEO of Toshiba America that spoke directly to this workforce and their specific needs
  • Write and publish on-going advertorials in top-tier business publication: note from the CEO.
  • "Think Freedom" advertising campaign
  • Toshiba's internal "Freedom" campaign: publicly highlight how the company itself is organizing to reflect this new thinking.
  • Speakers program aimed at identifying with the mobile workforce.


The Toshiba "Freedom" campaign is currently in progress. In the initial weeks of its launch, the company realized considerable attention from the press and other industry influencers. Over the last nine months, sales of Toshiba laptop computers have more than doubled.

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