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Case Study -- Innovative Partnership
Integrated marketing and public relations - Portland, OR


Ruth Scott was president of the Association for Portland Progress (APP) and clearly one of Portland's most visible civic leaders and visionaries. She approached Brenner Associates for help with the launch of her newest venture, an organization being formed to tackle Portland area's most persistent community problems.


Ruth's new organization needed a name, an image, and a local buzz. More importantly, it needed support and donations from some of Portland's most influential advocates.


Over the course of a few months, Brenner Associates met with Ruth and her new team of non profit professionals to create the materials, messaging and strategy needed to introduce this new venture to the city of Portland. Brenner Associates played a critical role in creating the organization's name, developing the logo and brand image, creating the collateral and press materials that would attract positive media attention and various other activities related to the organization's initial launch.


At the same time, Brenner Associates worked with this new venture to organize and promote the non-profit's first fund raiser. Some specific strategies included:  
  • Leverage Ms. Scott's notoriety and civic credentials to attract media attention.
  • Develop a marketing campaign aimed at creating a pre-launch buzz.
  • Develop speeches for notable speakers presenting at fund raiser.
  • Create newsletter aimed at current and potential supporters.
  • Develop collateral materials that reflected the desired image of the organization.
  • Set up meetings with key Portland-area columnists, reporters and other media.
  • Garner coverage in regional press.


Innovation Partnership's initial launch was a great success. Ruth Scott and her new organization was featured on the front page of the Portland Business Journal. Her organization was publicly endorsed by several notable Portland-area columnists and several articles featured information about the new non-profit and the unique approach they were applying to their efforts. Brenner Associates also scored an ongoing column by-lined by Ruth Scott regarding past and present civic work associated with the organization's goals.The initial media coverage and ongoing outreach was directly responsible in part for the overwhelming success of the organization's first fund raiser. Attended by Mayor Katz and other Portland area leaders, the event was a standing-room only affair. Donations far exceeded expectations.

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