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hplogo“ Brenner quickly learned our business, our markets and our competitive landscsape and then continued to provide the highest level of strategic thinking, planning and facilitation of each PR campaign.”

David Thiel, marketing manager,
Hewlett Packard



Case Study -- Hewlett-Packard
Integrated marketing and public relations - Portland, OR


There was building concern among analysts and other HP pundits that growth of the printer market was flattening.  More importantly, there was a growing perception that HP was losing its competitive edge due to lack of vision and innovation.


Public relations was asked to develop a plan that would position HP as a company with an exciting growth strategy and a commitment to innovative technology.


After a variety of discussions with various internal organizations, PR believed that HP did indeed have exciting products and plans for the future.  Unfortunately, the compartmentalized nature of the company often made it difficult to see these products and services as a cohesive business strategy.  The public relations team recommended folding various projects under a single umbrella called “HP’s e-services strategy” and publicizing some of the company’s most exciting works in progress.


The following are examples of tactics used to help HP gain back its reputation as industry innovators.

  • Commissioned IDC to research and quantify the printing e-services market opportunity.  PR used the IDC estimates to build a case for how HP was the one company best positioned to capture share and revenue of this burgeoning market.
  • Organized nationwide analyst tour to build support and momentum for a printing e-services launch.
  • Developed messaging and press materials supporting the launch of the e-services campaign.
  • Conducted press tour and granted select interviews with HP CEO.
  • Created high-level, memorable press event in San Francisco designed to create visibility and communicate the importance of the announcement. 


The public relations team surpassed its coverage expectations and received numerous comments of praise from HP management.  Key competitors subsequently announced similar campaigns that were viewed as “copy cat” tactics by the media.  Pre and post customer audits indicated a dramatic improvement in the perception of HP as a strong, innovative company. 


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