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“Brenner Associates has been instrumental in helping us think through our PR strategy and develop the messaging that gets us media attention fast.”

LaVonne Reimer Young
CEO, Cenquest


Case Studies
Integrated marketing and public relations - Portland, OR

For the past ten years, Brenner Associates has been helping its clients receive their unfair share of marketplace attention. We have particular expertise in three core industries:

Our secret formula for getting that attention is simple: specific knowledge of your industry plus skills in a full spectrum of marketing tactics, over a strong foundation in the marketing expertise you need to ensure these tactics get results.

In other words, we are not simply HTML coders that can make a pretty website or technicians that can help you get on the first page of search results - we are professional marketers that infuse everything we do with the critical marketing expertise needed for results.

Case Studies:


Situation:There was building concern among analysts and other HP pundits that growth of the printer market was flattening. More importantly, there was a growing perception that HP was losing its competitive edge due to lack of vision and innovation. 

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Situation: Micromem came to us with an amazing story. They had a new technology that they claimed would replace all data memory technology in use today. Their new memory was cheaper, faster, more durable, less volatile and more flexible than any technology currently being used. The ramifications for the computer industry were enormous. They wanted to know if we could help.

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Situation: Toshiba was the first company to introduce and popularize the laptop computer. Over the years however, several other companies joined the market and Toshiba found themselves losing significant market share.

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Inovative Partnership

Situation: Ruth Scott was president of the Association for Portland Progress (APP) and clearly one of Portland's most visible civic leaders and visionaries. She approached Brenner Associates for help with the launch of her newest venture, an organization being formed to tackle Portland area's most persistent community problems.

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Situation:Cenquest was a new private enterprise in the e-learning industry. The company was pioneering new concepts in online education for working professionals. At the same time, there were many new e-learning companies vying for recognition and industry acceptance. Following the e-commerce market plunge, however, many of these companies were closing their doors and the initial enthusiasm expressed by the press and the public was quickly dwindling.

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